Online Slot Machine Bonuses

An online slot bonus can be great fun for you, and help you stretch your slots bankroll. Most of the good casino bonuses are given to slots players. This helps the individual player with bonus money in order to get a better chance to hit the big paylines without losing a lot of money in the process.Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that online slot machine bonuses are free though, as there is no such thing as a free lunch or free money. Like with all marketing tricks, this one was invented to attract you to the online slot machine casino of your choice.Online slot machine bonuses all come with a set of betting requirements and you must read the terms and conditions before simply accepting any old slots bonus. There are plenty of good slots bonuses out there. The best slots bonuses are mainlyThat being said, these slots bonuses are usually the best ones offered these days as the online slot games usually have the highest house advantage. There are a lot of different places that offers a large bonus for playing slots exclusively. The requirements on these bonuses are usually more realistic than the other casino games are, usually around 20x rollover.

How to play online slots

Here’s a quick guide on how slots online work:Most slot machines will be broken up into two broad categories: 3 reel slot machines and 5 reel slots. The 3 reel machines are your basic bell cherry slots that we all remember when we we’re growing up.The 5 reel slots are usually called video slots. These slots are more common on the internet now a days. Each reel will have a certain number of “stops” or virtual spots for icons on the reel. This is usually going to be 64 in any video slot that has a jackpot icon.The object of this game is to line up icons from the 1st reel (furthest to the left) across a payline to right. A payline is the line across the reels that the icons can be matched up on in order to win. Most video slots have at least 15 and up to 30 paylines.You can bet on one or more of these lines with a certain increment of coin (nickel, dime, quarter). Each coin will represent a bet on one of the paylines. A max bet is a bet on all available paylines.Additional features that can be found on these video slot machines include wild card icons which substitute for other icons in order to complete paylines. Also, you can be rewarded with free spins, which will payout at the same rate as what you bet when you won the free spins.Many slots games also have bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are usually simple to play and only involve a decision. If confronted with a decision, the average high water mark is usually 20 to 30 times your original bet.The more features that you find on a video slot machine game, the lower the general payout on lines will be. Also, one thing to look out for are long periods of drought after a big win. 

Preferred Deposit Bonus

Preferred Deposit Bonuses are an online slot machine bonus, which is deposited into your account when you use the online casino’s preferred type of electronic payment to deposit cash into your account.This is most often the bonus that you will be offered. There are a couple of ways to receive this bonus. You will either need a coupon code of one form or another to redeem at the casino’s cashier or the bonus will automatically be offered and credited to you when you open and deposit into your account.Some online slots casinos have their own reasons why they prefer to receive their deposit money in 1 form rather than another, usually because they are in partnership with that particular electronic payment company. Or the electronic payment company sometimes offers them a commission in return for advertisement.This allows the online casino to be able to offer you 100 or 200 percent instantly added to your deposit amount in bonus money when you utilize their chosen payment method. It is not very difficult to work out what you have to do in order to get the preferred deposit bonuses. These bonuses are of course not free, and you will first have to deposit an amount, to get the percentage back.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty online slot machine bonuses are for slot players who have been with the slot machine online casino for a long period of time, and have therefore become VIPs. Players who regularly deposit cash become VIPs quicker as they are obviously better prospects for the casino in the long run.The higher you are in your VIP status ranking, the more of these types of online slot machine bonuses you are likely to get and the bigger the matching percentages will be.If you are already signed up with a casino, watch for bonuses for current players around the holidays. Recently, Rushmore casino had a special one day bonus to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonuses are destined for players who make large deposits. This type of online slot machine bonus can often be larger than a thousand dollars and often come in the shape of a 100 percent bonus, which would mean that if you deposit two thousand dollars, you get an additional two thousand bucks. This is obviously only meant for those of us with lots of money to burn. More about bonuses.Go Casino has one of the best high roller slots bonuses available. You can get up to $20,000 Free on your first 20 deposits with the casino. Go casino has a plethora of video slot machines that are all fun to play. In addition to that, they also have weekly and monthly slot tournaments that can earn you a lot of cash!