Free Blackjack Games

Would you like to play flash blackjack games for free? The casinos listed below have made it possible for you to play these flash blackjack games. Currently, we have a couple free blackjack games to offer.Both of these are the same version of blackjack, with Vegas casino rules. This means that you may double down with any two cards that you receive. Also, the dealer must hit on soft 17.The card game commonly called European blackjack now has a couple of differences. The only time you may double down is when you have 9, 10 or 11 and the dealer must stay on soft 17.The advantage of being able to double down at any time is that you can give yourself a better chance of winning when the dealer is showing a 6. The advantage for the dealer of hitting on soft 17 is that there is a percentage chance that a small card will come and beat or push with more hands. If it doesn’t, the card still won’t make the dealer bust.